Therapy Groups

21 Together run a variety of different speech and language focused sessions, from regular Saturday sessions to school holiday camps. Find out more below.

Regular communication group sessions.


Our Communication groups for pre-school and primary age children are up and running. We are currently running every other Saturday in term time from a Maidstone location. They are speech therapy led groups with an emphasis on social skills, conversations, friendships, and relationships. The groups provide additional support for children and young people to build self-awareness, awareness of others and socially appropriate behaviour. The groups are designed to complement the individualised speech programs that children and young people will already have running but does not replace. Each term is topic based and allows children and young people to explore each topic in a fun and inclusive environment. Topics include things like; all about me, relationships, community, time, language for identity and transitions. If you need assistance accessing NHS or school therapy then our team can sign post you to services to help you with that as well.

Holiday Camps

We are currently working with Symbol UK to secure some blocks of therapy over school holidays, our first holiday camp was a great success. The camps are speech therapy led and each block will cover different relevant topics like; all about me, life skills, and healthy life. They are run over three consecutive days with children in the morning from 9am – 1pm and young people from 11am – 4pm (days and times may change depending on the type of camp and staff availability. Have a look at what some of us were getting up at our previous camp. If you would like to join us at the next one then please contact us via email to get a place on the waiting list.

Young People and Young Adults

We are working hard to get staff and the funds to expand our service into young adults. This is an area we are passionate about, so we need to make sure we can support the service and the staff have the right training before we can launch the programme. If you are a young person or the parent or carer of a young person and you would like to get involved with guiding how the charity supports young people and adults please get in touch. We are always keen to hear from you. You can still get your place on the waiting list for this service so we know how many people need our support.


To register your interest and join the waiting list please email us at with the child/young person’s name, date of birth, address, contact phone number and email, current year at school, mainstream or special school and a very brief description of their current speech level. We do have a waiting list but we are working hard to get the funds and staff in place to launch more sessions. If you or the companies you may work for could help in any way then please get in touch. We are always looking for innovative ways to work with the community to ensure an ongoing income to support our work.

If you are interested please get in touch.