Waitrose Ashford Community Matters Slot – And who is this lovely lady?

Waitrose Ashford

21 Together has a Community Matters green token slot during October


Waitrose in Ashford is kindly supporting 21 Together and we have a Community Matters Green Token Slot which is live NOW! The slot will be there during October and we will get a share of £1000 based on the amount of tokens in our slot.

So if you are popping in for a bit of shopping or a coffee we would be really grateful if you could support us and post your green token in our slot. Thank you everyone!

But, who did we spot shopping in Waitrose?  This lovely lady has a very important role within 21 Together. She is our official photographer Jurgita Barton.

Jurgita is a professional photographer and friend who has supported 21 Together from the beginning. She took the photographs which have formed our website and spent all day taking pictures at our Launch Day in May. Jurgita has always given her expertise and time for free and we cannot thank her enough.

This time we made her pose for the camera rather than being behind it!