Engie employee Andrew Doubtfire helps 21 Together

21 Together Has Extra Team Member

On a normal working day Andrew Doubtfire (pictured above) can be found at his desk in Canary Wharf working for Engie but last week Andrew kindly joined Team 21 to assist us at our two days Numicon Training in Herne Bay.

Engie allow each employee two days a year to help a charity – and luckily for us Andy volunteered to help 21 Together.

Andy made himself indispensable, he was a chauffer, organised our buffet lunch, was a hostess, lugged our heavy resource boxes and very importantly during the training collated our feedback from previous courses. Andy is a whizz on excel so we now have lots of collated statistics which demonstrate the clear positive impact our training courses are having in the community – which come with very clever bar graphs and pie charts! This information is key for when we apply for grants in the future as we need to be able to demonstrate the impact we are having.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Andy, you made a fabulous addition to our team and to Engie for allowing us to borrow him.