Growing Up – Puberty, Sexuality, Relationships and Age Appropriate Behaviour


Feedback told us that our members wanted a course on puberty, sexuality, relationships and age appropriate behaviour. So team 21 Together went about finding the perfect course. This course will cover lots of aspects including puberty, however even those with younger (school age) children will find it useful as it explains all the early building blocks to put in place to make these life transitions easier.  This course is solely for parents, carers and home support workers so people can chat about their own experiences and support each other through these sometimes tricky times. Come along for some great professional advice over a cuppa. Limited places available so sign up now.

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Course: Growing Up – Puberty, Sexuality, Relationships and Age Appropriate Behaviour.

(Please note this course is for parents, carers and home support staff only)

Date: Sunday 9th October 2016

Time: Registration from 9.30am-10am. Course starts at 10am and finishes at 2pm

Venue: Canterbury Christchurch University, Room NT09, Newtown Building, North Holmes Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 1QU. Parking is available free of charge either on site or in the road

Cost: No charge. Members will be given priority. You will be able to buy a light lunch in the college coffee shop.

Trainer: Cecilie Mackinnon from Downs Ability

Course Details:

Understanding the importance of starting early on helping children to understand about bodies, boundaries and appropriate social behaviuor. Practical ideas and resources to enable children to develop healthy, safe relationships and enjoy good self-esteem and an active social life.

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Don’t forget to become a member. Although courses are open to non-members, members will be given priority so we cannot confirm your place until nearer the date to ensure our members get their place. Membership is free and we have a variety of different membership options including, parent/carer, professional, person with Down’s syndrome etc.